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More birth prep – padsicles!


Whilst searching the internet for advice on how to look after myself, and help myself to heal quickly after the birth of my baby, I came across what is known as a Padsicle… a lovely, frozen pad, covered in healing & soothing ingredients, to help heal your ‘lady bits’ after your baby is born. What a brilliant idea!! It was an absolute no-brainer, I knew that I needed to make some…having heard lots of stories about the discomfort you experience in the first few days after birth, I want my entire focus to be on my little one and not how uncomfortable it is to sit down! And today, with 7 days until my due date, was the day that I made them…

I’ve seen a few different versions on my search of the internet, & apart from the pads, the other ingredients that I have used to make my version I already  had in my bathroom cabinet, (being the huge advocate of natural healing & natural remedies that I am…). Wanting to be as green as possible, I ensured that I bought biodegradable pads. I know reusable pads are available, but with the blood loss expected after the birth, the fact that I use soap nuts & not washing detergent, and the fact that I wouldn’t want to inflict the horror of that on my other half (who will no doubt be doing the majority of the washing for the first few weeks after the baby arrives) meant that I went for the biodegradable option instead.

Now wearing pads is not something that I am used to, for the last few years I have used a menstrual cup, but I know it is something that I am going to have to get used to for a while, so I ensured that the pads I got were also as natural & chemical free as possible. That’s when I came across Natracare new mother maternity pads. Much nicer for the environment and the healing body than any of the BigPharma offerings (which I wouldn’t use anyway for ethical reasons…)


   Padsicle ingredients

To make my Padsicles I used:


Step 1: I mixed the liquid ingredients together…

.2014-06-02 20.11.19

Step 2:

 Applied 2 dessert spoons of the mixture onto each of the pads, rubbing it in with the back of the spoon.


2014-06-02 20.20.25

Step 3:

I folded the pads in half, placed them in a freezer bag, popped them in the freezer, & voila! 15 Padsicles ready to go!

2014-06-02 20.33.45

Some of the instructions that I came across involved wrapping each pad individually in tinfoil, if you do this ensure you label them as your partner may get a bit of a shock when rummaging around for some food!

I will write an update after the baby is born to let you know if they are as invaluable as they sound!


Sugar-free flap jacks!



I have been told & have read on many parenting blogs the importance of keeping your energy up during labour & when breastfeeding (where you use an extra 1000 calories a day to produce that wonderful & magical milk for your new baby!). And also the importance of having a well stocked freezer in preparation for the baby’s arrival when the last thing you want to be doing is cooking meals…

For this reason I have been filling the freezer with delicious healthy meals that my lovely partner can just defrost & heat up on the stove to feed us both during our first few tiring weeks after baby arrives! (I also have some wonderful friends who, instead of buying gifts for the baby, brought healthy, veggie food for the freezer as gifts to my baby shower! How blessed am I?!) So not only do we have a nice selection of food waiting for us, it’s going to be a pot luck of what we get to eat! 🙂

    But those extra 1000 calories a day needed for breastfeeding have been playing on my mind, & also needing healthy, energy packed snacks for the labour, I knew that if I didn’t sort something out ahead of time I’d end up reaching for less than healthy, sugar filled, processed foods that have been my downfall during my pregnancy! (Up until my pregnancy I have never in my life had a sweet tooth!).

For this reason I began searching for healthy, sugar free flap jack recipes. And these were the result…


 … They are absolutely delicious, and although, unfortunately, they are not vegan, they are super healthy, containing lots of fruit, nuts & seeds,  using bananas, dates & a couple of table spoons of honey for their sweetness. They will slowly release their energy, and as well as all of the other health benefits of the ingredients, the banana is a source of potassium, which is needed in labour to help with ‘contractions’, and to stop you getting cramp in your muscles whilst you get yourself into various birthing positions your body may not be used to.

I found the recipe on Pinterest, and it comes from the blog of The Ginger Bread Mum. Follow the link to her amazing blog, and to get the recipe! My best friend & I made them a couple of nights ago, and we doubled the amount of ingredients suggested on the recipe so we would have a nice big batch. I have been saving overly ripe bananas for the last few weeks in preparation by peeling them and putting them in the freezer when they are past their best…

They are so delicious, I better put them out of sight until the birth otherwise they will all be eaten before then!



Hello there 🙂 & welcome to my blog!

I am starting this blog for a few reasons, firstly because I am on the verge of starting the most magical & exciting period of my life…I am about to become a parent for the first time. I am pretty much 39 weeks pregnant, and I have had so many good intentions about keeping a journal of my pregnancy, which hasn’t happened… I don’t want the same thing to happen with my leap into motherhood, and with the up & coming sleep delerium and blurriness, & haste with which the next few months will undoubtedly pass, I don’t want to forget a thing… I want to keep a record of all of it to look back on, and to hopefully support & share information with like minded people on the same path to parenthood… people who want to be good parents without sacrificing their holistic lifestyle, and who want to raise & nurture their children holistically & naturally, without giving in to the pressures from society to give in to convention & sell out on their ideals and morals…

I want to remember every magical little moment, & to have an outlet of self-expression to help me stay sane & to stay focused on the type of parent that I really want to be. I also hope that people will find this blog a great source of support for them on their journey & a great source of information as I share the knowledge & info that I have spent so long researching on the subjects of natural & holisitc parenting… and who knows how else this may evolve…

Love, Light & Blessings for now,

Holly xoxoxox

(The holistic, hippy mummy)