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More birth prep – padsicles!


Whilst searching the internet for advice on how to look after myself, and help myself to heal quickly after the birth of my baby, I came across what is known as a Padsicle… a lovely, frozen pad, covered in healing & soothing ingredients, to help heal your ‘lady bits’ after your baby is born. What a brilliant idea!! It was an absolute no-brainer, I knew that I needed to make some…having heard lots of stories about the discomfort you experience in the first few days after birth, I want my entire focus to be on my little one and not how uncomfortable it is to sit down! And today, with 7 days until my due date, was the day that I made them…

I’ve seen a few different versions on my search of the internet, & apart from the pads, the other ingredients that I have used to make my version I already  had in my bathroom cabinet, (being the huge advocate of natural healing & natural remedies that I am…). Wanting to be as green as possible, I ensured that I bought biodegradable pads. I know reusable pads are available, but with the blood loss expected after the birth, the fact that I use soap nuts & not washing detergent, and the fact that I wouldn’t want to inflict the horror of that on my other half (who will no doubt be doing the majority of the washing for the first few weeks after the baby arrives) meant that I went for the biodegradable option instead.

Now wearing pads is not something that I am used to, for the last few years I have used a menstrual cup, but I know it is something that I am going to have to get used to for a while, so I ensured that the pads I got were also as natural & chemical free as possible. That’s when I came across Natracare new mother maternity pads. Much nicer for the environment and the healing body than any of the BigPharma offerings (which I wouldn’t use anyway for ethical reasons…)


   Padsicle ingredients

To make my Padsicles I used:


Step 1: I mixed the liquid ingredients together…

.2014-06-02 20.11.19

Step 2:

 Applied 2 dessert spoons of the mixture onto each of the pads, rubbing it in with the back of the spoon.


2014-06-02 20.20.25

Step 3:

I folded the pads in half, placed them in a freezer bag, popped them in the freezer, & voila! 15 Padsicles ready to go!

2014-06-02 20.33.45

Some of the instructions that I came across involved wrapping each pad individually in tinfoil, if you do this ensure you label them as your partner may get a bit of a shock when rummaging around for some food!

I will write an update after the baby is born to let you know if they are as invaluable as they sound!