Natural alternatives to energy drinks/bars/gels


Today an old friend of mine came to visit, the lovely Jo, & with her she brought her no longer so little, daughter Layla, who is rapidly approaching 3! I can’t believe how quickly she is growing up! It was lovely to see them, & also to get to chat to a close friend about childbirth & parenthood.

Jo, like me, opted for a home water birth, so it was really great to speak to her & talk about her experience! And one thing she impressed upon me was how sports drinks helped her to keep her energy up, and how invaluable it was for her to be sipping on lucozade through her birthing experience! She is not the first person to tell me something along these lines, at one of my antenatal classes I was told something similar…. but honestly, I have recently reread the ingredients in a bottle of lucozade, & there is no way I am drinking any of that stuff! Or any other sports drink for that matter! They taste gross, & apart from a list of horrible chemicals, lucozade also contains aspartame, a very poisonous substance that has worked it’s way into our food system… this ingredient should be avoided, & is in a great number of ‘sugar free’ & ‘diet’ products. Always read the label!

I decided to look into what natural products are out there with the same benefits as these specially formulated sports drinks, without the unhealthy added extras, to help me during my birth. I came across this very informative article. It discusses various sports drinks, etc. that are on the market, their pros & cons, and what healthier alternatives are available.

It turns out my flap jacks were a much better idea than previously thought 🙂 a lot of the ingredients are mentioned in this article as great ways of boosting energy & providing you with essential nutrition! All I need to do now is pop to the health food shop to buy some coconut water! (Which I absolutely love & I now have a very valid excuse to spend the money on it!)… it’s perfect for your body in so many ways, especially after &/or during muscle exertion!

So if you, like me, would rather a natural and healthier alternative to energy drinks/bars/gels, for whatever reason, I definitely recommend checking out the article above 🙂 don’t settle for something you’d rather not put into your body, when healthier & often more effective options are available!


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