Hello there 🙂 & welcome to my blog!

I am starting this blog for a few reasons, firstly because I am on the verge of starting the most magical & exciting period of my life…I am about to become a parent for the first time. I am pretty much 39 weeks pregnant, and I have had so many good intentions about keeping a journal of my pregnancy, which hasn’t happened… I don’t want the same thing to happen with my leap into motherhood, and with the up & coming sleep delerium and blurriness, & haste with which the next few months will undoubtedly pass, I don’t want to forget a thing… I want to keep a record of all of it to look back on, and to hopefully support & share information with like minded people on the same path to parenthood… people who want to be good parents without sacrificing their holistic lifestyle, and who want to raise & nurture their children holistically & naturally, without giving in to the pressures from society to give in to convention & sell out on their ideals and morals…

I want to remember every magical little moment, & to have an outlet of self-expression to help me stay sane & to stay focused on the type of parent that I really want to be. I also hope that people will find this blog a great source of support for them on their journey & a great source of information as I share the knowledge & info that I have spent so long researching on the subjects of natural & holisitc parenting… and who knows how else this may evolve…

Love, Light & Blessings for now,

Holly xoxoxox

(The holistic, hippy mummy)


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